Splink partners with Full Venue

Made in Portugal synergy brings the thrill of football to fans all over the World.

Splink is pleased to announce the partnership with Full Venue to generate AI based market insights through the analysis of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences and App usage.

The two rising Portuguese Startups are growing strongly and have been successful at international level with major partnerships and clients.

Operating in the sports and events industries, both reached an agreement to optimize the way Splink will deliver added value to their clients’ portfolios. Through Full Venue’s capabilities, and expertise, Splink is aiming to generate more value for its partners, by identifying their most popular digital assets, thanks to its immersive AR experiences available on the app.

Full Venue’s know-how, will help Splink create a powerful dashboard with real market insights that aims to lead its partners towards boosting fan engagement, and establishing effective monetisation strategies.

This joint venture signifies a big step for both companies towards cementing their positions in the Portuguese and European markets as startups. This synergy will boost the creation of a sports fans community and bring an AI centric approach, allowing Splink users to have a personalized experience across the app and partners to optimize their assets monetization.

“Closing this partnership has a special meaning for us, not only because we will help to enhance Splink’s reach with our platform but also to be the first step on this joint venture approach within the Portuguese SportsTech community. We will remain focused on Full Venue’s expansion within and across borders, with the proven promise of optimizing big brand’s Marketing ROI through our AI technology”

Tiago Costa, Full Venue CEO

“Thanks to this partnership we will be able to offer a top quality product to our partners. We have full confidence in Full Venue’s skills and in the capabilities of its team to offer the best fan engagement experience ever available in the market. This is the beginning of a new chapter for Splink in an adventure that promises to be exciting”

Ivan Braz, Splink CEO

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